gm_construct 2022 – Update!

Ok, after a while, of slow work I’ve published a new update to my gm_construct map!

  • + Added some more setdressing.
  • + Added Nav Mesh [I hope it works].
  • + Added Mossman Companion Doll.
  • + Updated one of the towers textures [This still needs work]
  • + Updated Textures on many faces.
  • + Basic 3d skybox [for now]
  • + 4k Compile

Known Bugs

  • Some cubemaps are still broken
  • Still need to fix some lighting bugs
  • Textures need to be done on the towers.


gm_construct_2022 – 12th Feb

I’m working on a version of gm_construct that’s updated for s&box, but much will have changed mainly from the og gm_construct, I’ll be updating textures and what not, I’m sure many people have done this already, but I wanted to do my own version of gm_construct

Here’s some VERY WIP Shots:

It’ll be uploaded to s&box in due time.