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The Poolrooms

I began crafting a map for the Crazy Eights gamemode titled “The Poolrooms” about a week ago. It’s a serene, uncomplicated liminal space-inspired map. I want to share some images of my progress with you – the first three are slightly older shots.

As part of my map-making process, I designed several planetary skins to use on “The Poolrooms” map. However, I only ended up utilizing the ones for Mars and Venus.

Without further ado, I present to you the latest snapshots of “The Poolrooms” map in its current state!

For those who have access to s&box, I highly recommend testing out the “Crazy Eights” gamemode and selecting pcjr.poolrooms. Alternatively, you can simply type “map pcjr.poolrooms” in the console to jump right into the map. If you’re interested in checking out the submission, you can find it here:

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