The End – WIP

Original map created by Maxdragonn over on the Gmod workshop – All I did was give it a new lick of paint and models from!

You can play it today! “map pcjr.sb_theend” in console –

Kenshi – Review

I started to play Kenshi after binge-watching Ambiguousamphibians’ Torsolo Series on the game, never really thought I’d enjoy it myself, so I purchased it and had a huge blast I know I’m late to the party, but I still had fun, made my own basic mod too, modding the game is quite simple too.

I’m hoping to be sinking more and more hours into the game, and of course, will be doing the same when Kenshi 2 comes around.

Screenshots: Check my Steam Profile for more soon

Steam Review Link:

Breaking the bar!

It was fun taking part in this event to try and get Half Life 2 to beat its old record of 13k players! Congrats to everyone that took part to break the at least 10-year-old record!


About a few days after my post about sb_flats I gave it a much-needed upgrade. Here’s what I did

  • Updated Skybox
  • Updated Grass
  • Added platform
  • 4k Compile

You can visit the map in s&box by typing “map pcjr.flats” into the console, or you can download it over on my GitHub

Here are some screenshots of the map

s&box – Alyx Bond: Runway


I have been messing around with s&box these past few months, started to make a map, it’s called sb_flats it’s ok for my first basic map with a 3d skybox, since I’ve never mapped before but the new version of Hammer for Source 2 is so much fun to mess around in.

Here’s a preview of what sb_flats looks like at the moment.

Alyx Bond: Runway

I’ve also been part of The Eagle One Dev Team for the past month or so, I did some promotional work for their Half-Life: Alyx mod, Complex Demo is currently out, you can find that here.

You can view these shots on my ArtStation – Uncompressed