gm_construct_2022 – 12th Feb

I’m working on a version of gm_construct that’s updated for s&box, but much will have changed mainly from the og gm_construct, I’ll be updating textures and what not, I’m sure many people have done this already, but I wanted to do my own version of gm_construct

Here’s some VERY WIP Shots:

It’ll be uploaded to s&box in due time.

Flats Final

I think it’s time for me to finish my first map and call it completed, sb_flats was my first ever Source 2 Map created for s&box using Hammer 2, The full change log is here:


  • Optimized Map – Thank you QuackCocaine#9365
  • Changed Textures on the platform


  • Added Tree and some Decor
  • Moved and added more player spawns


  • 4k compile


  • Updated Skybox
  • Updated Grass
  • Added platform
  • 2k compile


  • Updated Custom Texture


  • Updated Sun to be white instead of blue


  • First version of sb_flats

I’d like to thank everyone on the team that helped me test and make this map, so huge thank you ♥ if you have access to s&box you can access the map quickly via the console, type map pcjr.flats

Breaking the bar!

It was fun taking part in this event to try and get Half Life 2 to beat its old record of 13k players! Congrats to everyone that took part to break the at least 10-year-old record!


About a few days after my post about sb_flats I gave it a much-needed upgrade. Here’s what I did

  • Updated Skybox
  • Updated Grass
  • Added platform
  • 4k Compile

You can visit the map in s&box by typing “map pcjr.flats” into the console, or you can download it over on my GitHub

Here are some screenshots of the map

s&box – Alyx Bond: Runway


I have been messing around with s&box these past few months, started to make a map, it’s called sb_flats it’s ok for my first basic map with a 3d skybox, since I’ve never mapped before but the new version of Hammer for Source 2 is so much fun to mess around in.

Here’s a preview of what sb_flats looks like at the moment.

Alyx Bond: Runway

I’ve also been part of The Eagle One Dev Team for the past month or so, I did some promotional work for their Half-Life: Alyx mod, Complex Demo is currently out, you can find that here.

You can view these shots on my ArtStation – Uncompressed